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Elevate Your Workouts, Elevate Your Life.

Ray Sagum

Gym Manager & Personal Trainer

Specializes in:

  • Senior Fitness Training
  • Student-Athlete Conditioning & Injury Prevention Strength & Conditioning
  • Weight Loss & Muscle Building
  • The management & prevention of type 2 diabetes (pre-diabetes; metabolic disorder)

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Dana Sagum

Gym Manager & Executive Life Coach

Clarity, Confidence, Accomplishment. Dana provides individualized, group & corporate coaching opportunities to help you set and achieve your goals in:

  • Mindset
  • Finances
  • Weight Loss
  • Relationships
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Healthy Emotions

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Kamu Fernandez

Gym Manager

Specializes in:

  • Men’s Health & Fitness

Devin Nogaki

Personal Trainer & Physical Therapist
Specializes in, injury rehabilitation, sport performance development, stress relief & pain management, & overall health & wellness.

Dana Sagum

Personal Trainer & Licensed Aesthetician
Specializes in skincare + body treatments, body sculpting, pre & post natal health, & women’s generalized fitness

Kamu Fernandez

Personal Trainer
Specializes in corrective personal training, and teaches clients to feel * move their body to have better flexibility, mobility, balance & strength.

Mineyo Shimojo

Kickboxing Instructor

Mineyo Shimojo has over 23 years of teaching experience. Mineyo specializes in Group Exercise Fitness, specifically Kickboxing, Boxing and core training.

Ken Proctor

Kajukenbo Instructor

Kevin Kim

Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Kevin started training in 2006 at John Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Los Angeles, California.
Shortly afterwards was exposed to MMA and the different disciplines commonly employed in
MMA such as MMA wrestling and submission grappling in 2007 at Legend Mixed Martial Arts in
Hollywood, California. During college Kevin trained and taught at the University of California Santa
Barbara Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club under head professor Maurice Moreno. During his time in college, Kevin also wrestled freestyle wrestling at Southern California Wrestling Club and folkstyle wrestling at UCSB wrestling club. Additionally, Kevin practiced Judo at Hollywood Judo as well as the
UCSB Judo club.

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